Home catering

Have you ever enjoyed a meal cooked to perfection by talented chefs of famous restaurants in your intimate atmosphere of your home?


Call Press Club. We will prepare food and decorate the dining table to your liking. Just relax and savor a delicious gourmet meal with your family.


Press Club offers home catering service for groups of 2 guests and more. Priced from VND 3,000,000++/2 guests, the package includes a 3-course Western set menu, a bottle of Casilero de Diablo and free flow of Alba natural mineral water.

This price is subject to catering fee.


VND 1,000,000++


Seafood salad with avocado, tomato and lemon dressing


Creamy mushroom soup with parmaham and bruschetta


Pan-fried ribeye cuberoll with roasted potato, 

seasonal vegetable and pepper sauce


Roasted sea bass fillet with creamy quinoa parmesan cheese, 

mashed carrot,steamed vegetable and saffron sauce


Red fruit panna cotta with coconut sherbet


Green tea opera cake with seasonal fruits 


VND 1,500,000 ++




Smoked duck salad with bacon, “Đà Lạt” vegetables and balsamic dressing


Smoked salmon with crab mille-feuille with creamy horse radish sauce


Pumpkin soup with prawn and vegetables bruschetta


Ravioli prawn with lobster sauce and green vegetables




Pan-fried beef mignon, potato cake, 

steamed seasonal vegetables and truffle sauce


Roasted salmon fillet with spaghetti vegetables, 

crusted potato, smoked bacon and red wine sauce




Chocolate dome with red fruit and passion fruit sorbet 


Passion fruit cheese cake with red fruits coulis and goat yoghurt ice cream

(*) Prices are in VND, subject to 5% service charge and 10% tax

Mille feuille foie gras with black truffle

Royal foie gras with potato and truffle

Home catering 3

Pan-fried foie gras with truffle sauce

Foie gras terrine with Porto jelly

Royal seafood with caviar

Home catering 6

Oyster tartar seaweed caviar

Crab salad with royal leek and parmesan sable

Lobster medallion with celeriac and horse radish cream

Home catering 9

Lobster with salmon rose

Grilled scallop with broccoli and mint

Scallop mimosa style

Home catering 12

Sake glazed scallop

Caviar on blinis

Arenkha caviar with potato and salmon mousse

Home catering 15

Roasted beef with consommé jelly and black truffle

Beef tartar with black truffle and quail egg

Coconut sable, lychee mousse and mango cream

Home catering 18

Strawberry cream with yogurt and sable

Opera cake with golden leaf

Strawberry domes

Home catering 21

Macaron with lychee jelly

Matcha sables with pistachio cream

Matcha opera cake

Home catering 24

Sable crust, cheese cake with pistachio nut


Smoked duck breast with foie gras terrine

Duck pie with foie gras (*)

Home catering 27

Roasted lamb with carrot mousse

Beef fillet with truffle and foie gras

Beef pastrami with foie gras terrine and black toast

Home catering 30

Prawn skewer with pesto sauce

Vol-au-vent with prawn, cocktail sauce, salmon roes and mango

Deep-fried crab nem (*)

Home catering 33

Scallop with green pea mousse

Avocado with scallop and bacon

Oyster tempura with seaweed salad

Home catering 36

Sable crust, cheese cake with pistachio nut

Rolled smoked salmon with dill cream and salmon roes

Smoked salmon with lemon jelly

Home catering 39

Potato, smoked bacon and cream Caviar

Macaron with tuna rilletes and espelette pepper

Blue cheese with melon and parma ham


Lamb ketta with mint sauce

Marinated tuna with green bean jelly

Beef tataky

Home catering 46

Fish finger tartar sauce

Prawn sugar cane

Prawn spring rolls

Home catering 49

Prawn tempura spicy sauce

Sushi roll

Chicken teriyaki skewer

Stuffed cucumber with minced chicken

Home catering 53

Chicken wrapped ham and cheese (*)

Croque monsieur

Deep-fried ham and cheese

Home catering 56

Melon rolled parma ham




– This price is chargedper personand doesn’t include catering fee

– This price is applied for a minimum order of 2 persons

– A full beverage package including 1 bottle of house wine and free flow of Alba mineral water is priced at VND 1,000,000++

– Please note that in response to COVID-19, we will execute all necessary measures during food preparation, set-up and service to ensure your entire safety

Home catering