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Beyond luxurious places to suit any gathering, our team provides a seamless service from start to finish and a know-how to make every meeting or event a success. Whether it be in our ballroom or at an outside location, Press-Club offers ultra-chic hosting receptions distinguished by exemplary cuisine inspired by Chef Alain Dutournier, expert support and personalised service – from meticulous planning to successful conclusion.


Press Club is known for its exclusive canape collec- tion inspired and designed by the Michelin starred chef Alain Dutournier. He has put the color and the taste of his homeland, South-Western France, in these small masterpieces and added an Asian touch to make them the most amazing – and most beautiful part of your event.


On an area of 200m2, the Ballroom is elegantly designed and equipped with state of the art technology to satisfy all your needs. The room can be divided into 2 or 3 smaller spaces. Simple buffet or Michelin designed menu options are available at your best convenience.


CAPACITY: 150 seats

SETUP: U-shape, Hollow Square, Theater style, Classroom Style.

Catering service 1


Press Club offers you the opportunity to simplify your planning by utilising one of our professionally arranged packages for meetings in Hanoi. We are also happy to tailor your event for your specific requirements.

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(*) Prices are in VND, subject to 5% service charge and 10% tax

(*) Prices are in VND, subject to 5% service charge and 10% tax

(*) Prices are in VND, subject to 5% service charge and 10% tax

(*) Prices are in VND, subject to 5% service charge and 10% tax

(*) Prices are in VND, subject to 5% service charge and 10% tax

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Catering service 3


Catering service 3


Catering service 3


Crab salad with royal leek and parmesan sable

Lobster medallion with celeriac and horse radish cream

Catering service 8

Lobster with salmon rose

Grilled scallop with broccoli and mint

Scallop mimosa style

Catering service 11

Sake glazed scallop

Mille feuille foie gras with black truffle

Royal foie gras with potato and truffle

Catering service 14

Pan-fried foie gras with truffle sauce

Foie gras terrine with Porto jelly

Royal seafood with caviar

Catering service 17

Oyster tartar seaweed caviar

Caviar on blinis

Arenkha caviar with potato and salmon mousse

Catering service 20

Roasted beef with consommé jelly and black truffle

Beef tartar with black truffle and quail egg

Coconut sable, lychee mousse and mango cream

Catering service 23

Strawberry cream with yogurt and sable

Opera cake with golden leaf

Strawberry domes

Catering service 26

Macaron with lychee jelly

Matcha sables with pistachio cream

Matcha opera cake

Catering service 29

Sable crust, cheese cake with pistachio nut

Smoked duck breast with foie gras terrine

Duck pie with foie gras (*)

Catering service 32

Roasted lamb with carrot mousse

Beef fillet with truffle and foie gras

Beef pastrami with foie gras terrine and black toast

Catering service 35

Prawn skewer with pesto sauce

Vol-au-vent with prawn, cocktail sauce, salmon roes and mango

Deep-fried crab nem (*)

Catering service 38

Scallop with green pea mousse

Avocado with scallop and bacon

Oyster tempura with seaweed salad

Catering service 41

Sable crust, cheese cake with pistachio nut

Rolled smoked salmon with dill cream and salmon roes

Smoked salmon with lemon jelly

Catering service 44

Potato, smoked bacon and cream Caviar

Macaron with tuna rilletes and espelette pepper

Blue cheese with melon and parma ham

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